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Inspired by nature and all of its' unique forms of beauty, we built The Beauty Tree Spa to be a place of healing and life enrichment.

Our belief is that every human has the means to live beautifully and age responsibly. The body is an intricate work of design and art that when properly nourished, can thrive and radiate true BEAUTY. With each service and product, we strive to help clients access the natural, glowing light that is uniquely theirs. Using a purposeful combination of home regimen, routine professional care and special ritual practices, we tailor a wellness program that is equally instinctive & responsible.

From therapeutic massage to organic skincare to natural nail care and more, every modality offered at The Beauty Tree utilizes the natural botanicals, herbs, flowers, minerals, waters and elements that originate from nature itself. Our programs and services help our clients to harness and use the natural human, fundamental connection to Mother Earth and all her bounty that we all innately possess.

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