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Nano-Technology In Skin Care - The ‘Ins and Outs’ Of Safe, Yet Deep Product Penetration

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

A new word has been circulating in the traditional esthetics world for a few years now. That word is ‘nano-technology’ and it’s even made its’ (very exciting) mark in the holistic day spa and healing arts center arena!

So what does nano-technology mean? How does it compare to other, more aggressive day spa treatments? And why does it fit into the holistic day spa business model? Let me share!

Discover the 'ins and outs' of safe and effective nano-technology in skin care. Dive deep into the world of product penetration for radiant skin!

Here, at The Beauty Tree Spa at the Virginia Beach oceanfront, we specialize in advanced nano-technology ORGANIC facials. We use a tested, patented device called Rezenerate which was the first-ever nano-technology facial system developed. Our Botanical Infusion Nano-Tech Rejuvenator Facial can help revive and benefit even the most ambitious oceanfront sun-worshipper with non-ablative skin rejuvenation. Utilizing this device, we can refresh and nourish skin to encourage specific reactions, treat specific conditions and help clients enjoy radiant, glowing, healthy skin without danger or damage.

How do we do this? A few years ago, we met the scientists and developers of Rezenerate skincare technology and began following their device development. These creative engineers noticed that while advancements in organic skin care products had been increasing readily as the world learned how important it is to care for our skin without harmful chemicals and ablative treatments. Yet, the world of skin care technology had not kept up. Anti-aging and corrective treatments often included ablative, controlled damage modalities that while they might work, can exhaust cells, do more damage than good long term and often create situations whereby clients have to adjust lifestyle activities and behaviors for days or even weeks after treatment due to peeling, molting, sun-sensitivity and other factors.

Also noteworthy is that while sunscreen use has been on the rise for decades now, skin cancer rates have risen dramatically also. Because of this anomaly, many scientists - both in the medical community and in the holistic day spa world - are now embracing the concept that what we put on our skin is as important as what we put in our mouths! Our skin is our largest organ and our first line of defense against disease and infection. We simply cannot live without skin and healthy skin can most easily be obtained through nutrition - not controlled damage and ablation as previously thought.

Noting all of this and the rise in results-driven organic skin care products (and safe, traditional products as well), the team at Rezenerate developed their safe, effective and fully unique nano-infusion facial device! They then reached out to trend-setting spas like The Beauty Tree and began partnering with us to offer the only system utilizing cutting edge micro-technology, the pressure points of acupressure and principles of cold therapy to deliver unparalleled, non-invasive results! Quite frankly…. Rezenerate facials are like no other skincare treatment and they WORK!

Discover the 'ins and outs' of safe and effective nano-technology in skin care. Dive deep into the world of product penetration for radiant skin!

So what does nano-infusion actually DO? It simply harnesses the world of micro-technology to infuse skin care products further into the skin by providing teeny, tiny pathways for the products to penetrate deeply and at a cellular level. The versatility of this system and the ability for experienced providers to customize cellular delivery creates the opportunity to truly optimize skin health by delivering nutrients and facial solutions right where it needs to go with virtually no client discomfort or downtime. It does all of this with a vibrating, pen-shaped, mechanism that boasts a patented, single-use tip that gently but efficiently permeates healthy skin cells so that purposefully chosen skin care products - hopefully ORGANIC and safe like all of the products used here at The Beauty Tree Spa - can sink in and reach required destinations for specific results.

This revolutionary process has changed the efficiency of skin care products in general and helps skin care specialists customize treatments like no other. The device will help products designed to assist with dark spots and hyperpigmentation reach the basal skin cells actually MAKING the extra melanin and turn them off. It can help products created to stimulate collagen and elastin production reach their intended goals. And help those cells that need to reduce oil production actually receive enough topical oil treatment so that over production is no longer triggered. Results are like no other facial or skin care treatment out there. Yet, this patented system is safe for nearly all skin types and conditions!

Fully trained and certified Estheticians - like our Master Esthetician, Cassie Shepard here at The Beauty Tree Spa in oceanfront VB - are able to utilize this technology with any skin care line or product they choose so while the treatment itself doesn’t vary, results can. The only way to discover if nano-technology in skin care is right for you is to try a nano-infusion facial!

Check with your skin care provider to see if nano-infusion is on their menu! If not… find it here in oceanfront Virginia Beach! Or reach out to Rezenerate for a partner near you!

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