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Is The Solution To Stress Vibrational SOUND Therapy?

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

We are all familiar with how music can affect mood. One hears a familiar favorite song and is immediately transported to a place where the future seems lighter & brighter! Music seems to speak to and move our minds & souls as well as our bodies.

Now, studies show that sound/music may be more directly and purposefully changing our bodies for the better in ways we didn’t realize. The recent trend in Sound Therapy or Sound Bathing for health management has long, strong roots in the ancient healing arts and is now gaining much validation in the medical world as well.

We know that sound is vibration we can hear and mentally process. Now, studies show it is actually the vibrational element - the FREQUENCIES, if you will - that directly affect and help us on a physical and trackable level. As vibrations enter and resonate through the human body, they help to lower stress, decrease mood swings, reduce blood pressure, soothe pain, increase circulation - detoxifying both blood & tissue which lowers risk for coronary artery disease and stroke - improve sleep and increase the benefit of recuperative time. Vibrational therapy can help manage symptoms from chronic illness, cancer, fibromyalgia and other disease as well.

Sound healing utilizes different aspects of ‘noise’ to improve general health and emotional well being. How it works depends on the method of sound therapy chosen. Sound bathing/healing can be experienced in a group session - where clients gather around the therapist and instrument center, usually in a respite position lying on mats with pillows and blankets for comfort as needed. The Therapist gently but effectively leads the entire group to a place of decided restfulness by choosing instruments that create a mesmerizing soundscape for maximum benefit.

Individual or customized sound therapy is typically done in a private, secluded space with the client laying on a massage table or other comfortable-but-easily-accessible chair. The therapist will lead the client into a state of relaxation similar to the group session but will also use touch from body tuning forks, crystals and other such tools to maximize and tailor the sound vibrations to specific client needs. A fully trained and certified therapist will choose certain instruments, tones and frequencies to address specific problems within the body and to maximize therapeutic benefits.

Sound Therapy at The Beauty Tree Spa

Here at The Beauty Tree Spa, we offer both of these healing modalities, with individualized sound therapy available by appointment and monthly group events designed to introduce the concept of sound therapy to a larger audience at one time. Our monthly group sessions are a perfect way to sample Sound Therapy and has the added benefits of being a charitable event with $5 of every ticket sold going directly to local charity. Definitely a win-win!

No matter how or where you try sound healing therapy, you definitely should explore this ancient, proven technique that has recently revived in the healing arts community. Its’ proven history and gentle delivery system is ideal for people of all ages and levels of health.

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