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The Ultimate Guide to the Hidden Health Benefits of Regular Pedicures

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

We typically associate pedicures with summertime. That image of pretty, brightly colored, toe tips in grass, sand, water or rocking a perfect pair of designer sandals is compelling for sure! And statistically, more people actually DO indulge in professional pedicures in the summer than other months of the year.

We get that here at The Beauty Tree Spa and absolutely agree that it is a GOOD thing to take care of exposed, summer feet (as long as you’re patronizing a NATURAL, safe, clean nail care center without toxins, chemicals and pollutants - both air born & topical). Summer feet are, after all, vulnerable feet and we want you to protect them! That said, the health benefits of a professional pedicure on a routine, monthly basis far exceed aesthetics and season - especially if you are an athlete, runner or work in a situation where you spend a lot of time on your feet or have any type of illness that affect foot health like diabetes. Why? Let’s take a look at some of the proven health advantages of regular pedicures and routine professional spa foot & nail care all year long.

The Beauty Tree Spa Pedicure Education

First let’s talk about hygiene. Clean feet are healthy feet and healthy feet can greatly affect a thriving body. Even if the thought of bare-footing (summer or winter, in house or outside) makes you shudder, your feet accumulate dirt and grime build up - even during cooler seasons. Shoes are made to be breathable and vented, feet do sweat a good bit and our shoe manufacturers are - thankfully - aware of this and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on shoe designs that help vent and cool our feet. But vented shoes mean dirty interior surfaces which become breeding grounds for bacteria and/or infection. This environment can lead to fungus and other unhealthy skin conditions which can affect long term, full body, well-being. Your local holistic day spa will be able to provide safe, bacteria eliminating, deep cleansing with organic products specifically created to reach deep into nail and tissue crevices and eliminate some of the risks associated with dirty feet.

The skin on your feet is thicker and tougher than most of the skin on your body. Foot skin is also exposed to continued friction by the very nature of the important job they have to do transporting us around. These conditions are perfect for the development of excess dead skin cells. Not only is this unhealthy as it prevents moisturizers and/or nutrients from reaching the live cells underneath, it can be uncomfortable and lead to corns, calluses and bunions. Even the most basic of natural nail care center pedicures will likely include an exfoliation treatment designed to dissolve and remove dead skin cells before they can lead to the above issues. Calluses especially can sneak up on untended feet. While this thick layer of skin is the body’s way of protecting vulnerable areas of the foot, it takes metabolic energy - Qi or Chi, if you will - for the body to do this. That energy can be better used elsewhere in your body. By safely and effectively removing calluses, your pedicurist isn’t only making the surface of your soles soft, smooth and even, it’s sending a message to basal cells and energy centers that you’ve got this and energy/chi can go to other body needs.

That smooth, soft, new skin that your natural nail specialist just exposed will now be able receive the many benefits of salves, serums, moisturizers, lotions and oils that might be a part of your healthy foot treatment. Dead skin can’t receive the various nutrients in professional organic foot and nail care products. Skin must be exfoliated properly and safely to enjoy the full benefits of the products that follow. And as an added benefit - during this part of the session when feet are treated to product application - most organic nail care centers in healing arts centers such as The Beauty Tree Spa will include a relaxing foot massage too. Both of our Essential Natural Pedicure and Luxe Natural Pedicure options include a reflexology inspired foot massage that stimulates muscles, circulates blood, reduces swelling, relaxes tension and soothes the overall body.

All of the above outlined benefits are important to maintain great foot health. Regular pedicures and foot care should be a priority and part of everyone’s routine health and beauty care. But if you aren’t convinced yet, the TANTAMOUNT reason to partake in regular professional pedis is that your nail care specialist is fully trained to help spot indicators of minor issues before they become big problems - right where you don’t want them… your ever important FEET! Pedicurists see a LOT of feet. They work on a variety of feet with different shapes, sizes and skin tone. These pros are extremely familiar with how the muscles, bones, nails and skin of the foot should look, interact and respond to various parts of the treatment. If something is off, they will spot it, alert you and refer you to a podiatrist long before you might be these things. Good pedicurists are also adept at recognizing early signs of fungal issues, foot infection or even melanoma that may be hidden in nail beds or on areas of the feet hidden to your regular view. Using the professional tools of the trade, your natural nail care specialist will examine all facets of the feet while they properly trim and file nails to minimize the likelihood of ingrown toenails (a condition which can be unsightly, painful and can lead to serious infection) and perform the many healing steps of your professional pedicure.

Of course, the final benefit of regular professional foot care that extends beyond summer sandal season is that you DESERVE to take care of yourself and self care is not selfish! Here at our holistic day spa and healing arts center, we truly embrace the belief that if you take care of your body, your body will in turn, take care of you. We encourage clients to live beautifully… and age responsibly with routine health and wellness treatments customized specifically to support YOUR body - without chemicals, toxins and/or ablative procedures. Monthly pedicures - even during the seasons/months when you might be the only admirer of your pretty, healthy feet - are an essential component of self care! Be sure to keep it in your regular healthy beauty routine!

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