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Embracing The Techno-Organic Convergence!

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

I’m a dedicated holistic/wholistic practitioner. I’ve never had plastic or elective cosmetic surgery. I’ve never had Botox. No chemical peels lurk in my past or even micro-peeling… if it’s chemically based. Once (a LONG time ago) I did enjoy one half cc of hyaluronic acid filler in my lips. But the associated bruising and lack of noticeable results after the swelling subsided, kept that to the ‘one time only’ sector. I only felt it was worth it when they were swelled to Angelina Jolie’s lip proportions that first couple of hours! Once the inflammation subsided and the bruising set in, the difference was minimal… at least it was to me. Suffice it to say that I embrace the ‘live beautifully and age responsibly’ commandment of The Beauty Tree Spa as much as any proprietor can. I walk The Beauty Tree talk!

The Beauty Tree Spa: Embracing The Techno-Organic Convergence

Yet, one popular trend among holistic day spa providers confuses me. This is the idea that in order for a holistic day spa to truly BE organic, natural and holistic, therapies provided must have zero machinery or technology involved. To me, this trend is short-sighted and negates the opportunity to unite two very powerful elements of healing… organic product and industrial creativity!

Here, at The Beauty Tree, we claim proudly that we are where ‘nature & technology converge to keep you living beautifully and aging naturally’. We not only use advanced technology in our treatment rooms, we embrace the idea that industrial advances can actually enhance the efficiency of organic products!

Our treatment rooms are purposefully created to utilize the beauty and bounty of nature while increasing the healing potential of such with state-of-the-art equipment designed specifically to help our organic products infuse, activate and WORK!

Massage Therapy may include electroceutical therapy from our patented BEMER anti-aging and medical personal wellness device. Hot towels - warmed in a sanitizing, ozone lamp included, cabinet - help warm tissue and increase human response.

Machine ignited, Ionic Foot Baths can assist the body with detoxification and processing. This advanced healing modality is a perfect add-on to massage therapy or natural nail pedi-care.

Treatment beds here at The Beauty Tree Spa are likely to be electronically heated by a triple gemstone, infrared, therapeutic mat that not only warms the body from the inside out, but also releases negative ions into the surrounding air. These ions attach to airborne particles and debris virtually ‘cleaning’ the air your breath during treatment so oxygen intake is maximized. Trust me when I state that the body and skin LOVE oxygen!

Our organic esthetics center simply wouldn’t be as effective if it were not stocked with an arsenal of pure, beautifully scented and powerful organic skin care products. Yet the advanced technologies we incorporate with these products are key to how well they actually work. Nano-infusion, hydra-infusion, micro-current, LED lamp therapy and other such high-tech devised all help to provide unparalleled results and to activate the natural potency of the organic skin care products we use and recommend.

We even embrace un-ablative technology in our natural nail care center where pedicure services almost always begin with a long, warm, bubbly soak in an organic turmeric and Himalayan sea salt infused foot bath with circulation jets going full steam!

So when I learn of holistic day spa practitioners struggling with how to provide efficient, results-driven services while shunning technology, I share our beliefs here at The Beauty Tree… the relief that nature and technology should not only converge for beauty, but for powerful, overall body rejuvenation as well!

Discover the power of uniting nature and technology in the world of holistic day spas. Embrace the Techno-Organic Convergence at The Beauty Tree Spa.

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